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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Unload the Load-Forgive

This is my first personal blog and its not meant to be read by the Uninitiated People. So if you belong to that category please move on to the next one. Thank say. having said that....

The anger, hurt and pain that you have are like sandbags on your shoulders. Forgive everything, drop those bags and feel lighter and happier"

Since my initiation into this world, I have been destined to live a different life, in more ways than one. I never did have a normal life and the normal problems. I was always burdened with problems that few people face in life and that was beyond my understanding. And it all still continues

Through this I have become what I am today but it had taken its toll on me. I have become frustrated, depressed and angry a lot and hold grudges that have ruined many a good relations. I have loved solitude, calm, and generally loved to be by myself.

And lately, it seems like I am fighting the entire world. Expectations are the worst relationship breakers. You expect someone to do this and when they don't you get angry and sad and sulk. It took me this long, a lot of broken relationships, broken friendships, lots of crying and and some more crying, heart aches, depressions, writing poems, sleepless nights, constant thinkings and all the stuff that comes with it all...

But at last after a torturous path, I arrived at a bend in the road and I realized that I just cannot go ahead with all this weight on me. I wana be free of my shackles and start a new road in a new way.

I wana leave my past behind and I want to fix the past and move on into the future.
And the best way to fix is to FORGIVE. As the quote and picture aptly says... forgiveness too is a selfish thing. So to achieve my selfish ends I have 3 sentences to say to all.


So that all being said, I want to make a few things clear, forgiving doesnt mean you go back to what you were before, but moving on as the person you are now.

I have changed over time and that process will continue. Some things leave permanent marks on you and you cannot erase them. Apart from that, I am removed all enmities I had with everyone that is related to my past.

I may have been a fool in the past, but I am much wiser ( a wise fool). I cannot say I wont make mistakes again, but atleast I am better prepared than before.

BBye for now.