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Monday, December 14, 2015

Whole Soul

Flying high, you see a sight
Brilliant sun, shining bright
Though the mist of clouded sky
Robs the orb of its light

And down beneath on flooded plains
Pray the people “no more rains”
Rain your warmth “o Mighty God”
Break the spell of Indra’s rod

And so it happened, the sun’s ray
Seeing, the clouds parted way
Relief came, flooding in hope,
Fortitude and new strength to cope

And all was well in a little while
Tears of joy and unrestrained smile
And men thanked men and men thanked Him
For parting the shadows of days grim

And on went life as it always did
Man only prays in times sordid
And cometh the summer, a bright gold sky
People cursed the mercury “So High!!”

Men comment as men see fit
Human flaw eternally writ
Yourself be always true and whole

One awakened, one with a Soul.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Wishing Stars

At night as I lie awake
Several thoughts running around
Only one does centre take
Good night, sleep sound

Every night I make a wish
Hoping, a shooting star passes by

Be it cold or scorching sun
Or the rain comes pouring down
Or the news of psycho guns
Just you be safe and sound

Every night I make a wish
Hoping, a shooting star passes by

Through the life’s' twists and turns
Across the trough or over the crown
Keep the memories that you earn
Always be happy, never a frown

Every night I make a wish
Hoping, a shooting star passes by

Hope you meet again one day
When and where I cannot say
Till that day comes, as it may
I shall look up, and pray

Every night I make a wish

Hoping, a shooting star passes by

Friday, December 4, 2015

What's in a shape

We live in a square world
Wishing it was rounds
All the lines drawn around us
Hoping ‘twill never be found

The sharp edge of the justice system
Overlapping with the underworld
The ever changing paths of society
The veritable labyrinth of all.

The strong arcs of family support
The dotted lines of love
The uneven edge of burnt bridges
the self-arc of things selfish

the crossroads on the way forward
surrounded by self-imposed horizons
a circle of kin within our comfort state
adjoining a sphere of things we hate

Forget for once these worldly lines
For they keep good within and without
For all you need cannot be defined
By lines or shapes, inside or out
At the end of it all, we all are
A rectangle , six feet underneath

Or 3 feet of logs overground.

Don't ask, Walk

A step to another
Hopes strung together
A man walks ahead
Prior baggage shed
Ignoring the wondrous eyes
Singing to the passer-bys
“Don’t ask, walk”.

Most of us in our lives
Don several masks at once
Seeking to fit in for a while
Pasting on a fake smile
A mask once put is a devil’s call
To the true angel within, a fall.
“Don’t ask, walk”

We fall in love,
We change for love,
Forgetting the one we were
A shadow of our precious self
Wanting to impress a world
Itself in a state of whorls.
“Don’t ask, walk”.

Let the past be where it was
Let the future be as it will
With a string of hope lighting the way
Don’t bother about what people say
Up the path you merrily go
Let people point and gawk

“Don’t ask, walk”.