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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Fox and the Wine

All of us know the story about the fox and the grapes. We have all read it in our childhood and use it in our daily lives time and again to refer to things which we cannot achieve or are forbidden to achieve. We have conditioned ourselves to take solace in the fact that "we must not be destined for it" and hence what cannot happen is also for the general benefit of the society and specifically for you. Proponents of this belief will find a plethora of examples to justify this attitude, so ingrained it is in them, and also because it keeps them from being "disheartened, dejected, depressed and downcast" over things they cannot get their hands on.

Now let us assume that the grapes had not been sour, but were sweeter than nectar (or anything which you feel is the sweetest one earth). Now, would letting go of the grapes be the right thing to do? Imagine if we let go of things we really want and console ourselves that it happens for your own good, were actually not for your own good? What if your life could have been way different had you plucked those grapes and made wine out of it, which only got sweeter as the years passed by? What if every time you consoled yourself and held back, was a new turn in your life and multiple such turns took you to altogether a different path ?

What if "it happens for your own good" is really "you did not take the path you wanted, but took the one you could"? Could this be the reason why we keep searching for our purpose in life? Because the purpose we were meant to serve , we walked past the path that led to it. How can we be sure that the track we are on right now, is the track we are meant to tread?

As always, I have more questions than answers, but I hope the answer emerges, while I enjoy the wine I made, from the grapes I plucked while on my way.....