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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Missed Words

In life I‘ve said many things
Roaring loud or softly ping
Some words hurting more than others
Burning bridges, tearing asunder
If I could change one word
Changing maybe what I heard

Times when things were tough
Sometimes words were not enough
The heart filled smile that that lifted you
Deserved a quite, gracious “Thank You”

Times when things just fell apart
Trying hard to make a fresh start
The helping hand that guided you
Deserved a heart-felt “Bless You”

When your heart was broke
And your shattered soul
Clung to her memories
Like its last hope
The strong shoulders you rested upon
Deserved a comforting “I love you all”

When things went bad
And thoughts clashed on
Every step a marathon
The person that made you cry
Needed to hear “Good Bye”

What is once said cannot be forgotten,
Pleasing, harsh, uplifting or rotten
Well-intended or misunderstood
Communicate more than you should
You never know which words are your last
Who knows… your one more word
Meant to another… a world.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Your Creation

Though your feet are sore
Due to the long walk
It brings to the fore
Heart's core talk
You walk through red earth
To reach the shore
To quench your eternal thirst
Asking life ' More....'
You sail the faithless seas
To see a sight of it
You battle monstrous beasts
Hoping, to touch it a bit
That ephemeral peak in the clouds
Seen with feet firmly on the ground
A final lofty culmination
Of your idea, obeisance and admiration
At last
Your own creation.