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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Potter Withdrawal Syndrome

Recently with the release of the 8th and the final installment of the Potter movie, I am having what I would call the "Potter withdrawal syndrome".With no new book to look forward to, and no new movies in the making, the future for Potter fans looks bleak.

Those of us who have grown up with the boy wizard, whom we first met when we were his age, have become so used to being around his world and him in particular that this final chapter in the decade old saga , seems like a end of an era.

I have grown a lot since I was first introduced to the magical world and have remained spellbound and enchanted by the adventures and misfortunes of a wizard, so much like us in every aspect(who doesn't have a bad prof in college, who doesn't have a gang of friends, a mortal enemy seen in another student, a crush on a colleague).

This expected yet abhorred end of the journey has made me feel as if someone has shouted "Avada Kedavra" at me.Although I have grown up and now in my twenties , I always had this attachment to the Harry Potter series as if I was still in my teens.With the release of the final part of the movie, the tie that bound me to HP has sort of weakened and frayed.

This withdrawal from the magical world, this enervation of a stupefied person had left me a bit in a toss. Coming to terms with the fact that time has been moving even in the enchanted state,that we have grown and the story had ended is something I am grappling with. This withdrawal syndrome is similar to the one I felt with the completion of the decade of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

I wish someone would make me drink the "Drought of Living Dead".However, life goes on and as was said succinctly by J.K.Rowling, "Whatever has to come, will come, and we will meet it when it does."

Fare thee well, Harry. You had been a good friend and a companion through tough times in my life.