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Friday, June 26, 2009

A Tryst with High Thoughts... Literally

So hello again.. its been almost a month since my last post but hey... who told that I will be regular. 

So I just love travelling and it so happened that I was able to take an impromptu trip to another city by flight. Now normally being on a flight is an exciting thing in itself but what made this one special was that it invoked thoughts in me about how much we could learn from the way flying works. The crux of this blog is "Life is a long flight. So board it, fly in it, enjoy it and land it ... all by yourself."

If you have been following my blog then I would like you to recollect my thoughts in "The Blind Observers" where I talk about how even simple and everyday thing teach us a lot if we are willing to look at them from a perspective.

So coming to the main course...I was sitting in this cramped ,confined place they called an economy seat ,reading a book by David Baldacci called " Absolute Power" when I looked out of the window and saw clouds and more clouds and yet more clouds and then the clear sky and then land... stretching till the horizon, ribbons, squares, rectangles and circles and some wierd geometric shapes that cannot be algebraically described ,blending into one another and changing as suddenly as a bolt out of the blue .

And this got me thinking on the life aspect ,of how things change in life, how the landscape, our views and our height in life changes just like its being in a flight. 

You sit in the plane when your born... but whether you sit in a Aurora II or a Beachcraft or a LearJet or a Boeing 7xx its not something you can help... but what you do with that is whats up to you. Initially you would not know what to do, where to go,how to go or which path to take... but help will come your way in one form or another. And then the initial push will be given to you to take this lane(1,2 or any other) and then you see a road straight ahead as if it was laid there to guide you for a short time before you learnt to fly on your own. 

and then you fasten your seat belts, roar up, speed along as much as you can and voila.... your airborne... your a free bird.. going places wherever you whims and fancies might take you. From then on whatever you do is up to you . To guide your own path in life, to make the way to the final destination taking any route you want .. anything and everything is up to you. Its something like drawing your own route in the infinite space and sky.

So now your on you way of Life, going to some destination you may know or do not know , the height at which you travel, the speed with which you go and how much load you carry if up to you, if you ambitious go high but you load will pull you down,so its better not to have any baggage from the past, no shackles and no limitations. The window in the cockpit tells a lot too.. it only has windows in the front and nothing in the back of the plane.. which tells that Future is more important than Past and past is what should be forgotten. It had windows in the sides too and that can be taken as a fragment of the past thats never constant but ever changing as you move forward.

Life's troubles can be compared to changing weathers and you have to face them, come rain or shine, lightening or snow, its your plane and your in charge of it. You will have setbacks and the plane will rock you and the weather try to beat you down, but if you manage to go through it, you will find the sun shining and somehow you will see it more beautiful than before.

Time is something thats difficult to fathom from way high up, so its good if you see the changing lands below since they tell that you moving ahead and how far you have come. Thats why they say, "Even with your head in the clouds, you eyes should be on the ground".

And then slowly the realization emerges that nothing is right or wrong in life, there is no right path and no wrong turn. Which is the root and which is the shoot of the plant depends on whether your standing straight up or on your head. The only thing is Choices. Its the choices that we make is what defines us and its what makes us who we are. You have nothing called Right Choice. You only have My Choice. 

And then when you have had enough of life, grow tired, old and just feel the sky losing its attraction ,you long for the Earth, the passage of time, the sturdy and solid land which you feel has more to offer than the fickle skies. And so you land your plane, where ,when and how is up to you (sometimes not). And once you keep your feet back onto ground after the long flight, you feel as if you have come Home after a long day.

Now its time for someone else to fly.... others are waiting to put their imprint of the route in the sky.

And now I got to fly too.....going out for dinner :)... have a nice day :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am sorry if i have generalized
but it is so that i find

we all have a mind
that we always bind
with some thoughts
that we all have got

but what happens when the mind goes blank
not bright and lively but cold and dank
like a swift flowing river
hitting a solid bank

Our thoughts refuse to stay inside
we try to think of thoughts that we kept aside
but nothing comes

you try hard to think
to occupy your mind
but seems a difficult axe to grind
we get agitated as to what is wrong
we may even try to think up a song

but our stubborn mind refuses to concentrate
the more we try to think the more we degenerate
from wildest thoughts to most subtle nuances
from impossibilities to things with probably chances

our mind screams "I am not used to it"
so is it that it is so?
is this what we call thinking nothing?

Is it that we have lost the connection?
or is it that we made made a Detection?

Losing connection with the outside world
Fast, dynamic, boring and in whorls
Forver thinking, ceaselessly, all the time
never stopping for a moment to see the sublime

is our sublime self the Detection?
Made my the Power to near perfection
That we so easily seemed to have forgotten
in this mad, crazy world, ugly and rotten?

Is nothingness a way to see ourself?
Is nothingness something?
or its .... nothing?