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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am sorry if i have generalized
but it is so that i find

we all have a mind
that we always bind
with some thoughts
that we all have got

but what happens when the mind goes blank
not bright and lively but cold and dank
like a swift flowing river
hitting a solid bank

Our thoughts refuse to stay inside
we try to think of thoughts that we kept aside
but nothing comes

you try hard to think
to occupy your mind
but seems a difficult axe to grind
we get agitated as to what is wrong
we may even try to think up a song

but our stubborn mind refuses to concentrate
the more we try to think the more we degenerate
from wildest thoughts to most subtle nuances
from impossibilities to things with probably chances

our mind screams "I am not used to it"
so is it that it is so?
is this what we call thinking nothing?

Is it that we have lost the connection?
or is it that we made made a Detection?

Losing connection with the outside world
Fast, dynamic, boring and in whorls
Forver thinking, ceaselessly, all the time
never stopping for a moment to see the sublime

is our sublime self the Detection?
Made my the Power to near perfection
That we so easily seemed to have forgotten
in this mad, crazy world, ugly and rotten?

Is nothingness a way to see ourself?
Is nothingness something?
or its .... nothing?

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