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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Are we blind observers?

So yeah here I am .. again . :)

This post explores the education around us on a more philosophical plane.( Might be because I have started reading Paulo Coelho books recently. Although I dont think much of them).

So yeah.. here it goes.

I often think why people say "Experience comes with time and not with learning." Is it necessary that we grow old learning new things when we cant/wont be able to make use of them but rather just pass it on to the next generation who will disregard them and "experience" stuff themselves? Do we really make use of the experience of the elders?

But thats a difference topic altogether. What I was coming at was that.. Do we really pay attention to what others have to tell us?DO we listen to other people, observe the going ons around us or even take lessons from animals and inanimate objects? Or are we always so independent that we think we can do better than them all? 

Even simple inanimate objects and animals have so much to tell us. 

Trees tell us to always keep growing. TO give back fruits, shade, wood and leaves to the people who have nurtured you and looked after you. In short you should always give what you have and help selflessly.

The birds tell us that its a way of life to leave ur nest and go around in search of your true self. You should wander and see things and find urself and be free.In short it tells us to venture out of the safety of our warm cocoons and to face the world alone.

A simple chair tells us that unless the foundations on which you sit is strong and the pillars of support are all there , there is no way you can sit still.In short it tells us that we should never progress on the basis of lies and deceit and never to underestimate the people who supported you to bring you there.Because they have the power to pull you down too.( same problem with the coalition government)

A pen tells us that nothing is done on its own. It needs some force behind it to make everything work. Therefore we should always pursue something we want to have rather than sit and hope that the pen would write by itself.

Water tells us that we should be flexible enough to adapt to any environment that we get and to shape ourselves according to that situation.

Sand and hence desert tells us that although each individual may be not that powerful but a collection of individuals can overcome any obstacle or make a challenging obstacle.

A shadow tells us that although we may be in the dark there is light somewhere. That is we shouldnt loose hope but keep exploring for the ray of light 

And so on... but do we take heed of these lessons? Or are we so enamoured by our hectic lives that we dont have a moment to stop in fear that others would overtake us. Why cannot we stop for a while.. after all life is meaningless without pauses the same way as a sentence is meaningless with spaces.(This line is taken from the Witch Of Portebello). Shouldnt we stop and analyse ourselves sometimes and see where we are going rather than just rushing and hoping we would end up at our destination or that the sentences would make sense without the spaces?

We see but do not observe? We have eyes but no vision? We understand but do not contemplate?

Are we the so called Blind Observers?

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