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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Conjuring up a song

You build a dam of smiles
to stop a river of tears

You build a heart of steel
To stay the warm interiors

You hold back your feelings
Or deny them outright
You pray for some healing
For God to see your plight

Trying not to break apart
that one special heart
The one that you admired
and have always desired

But soon the dam starts to crack
The river trying to open the track
A path it wished to take
A way it wished to make

And one day the dam gives way
The rives gushes and sways
Ravaging everything down river
You feel it and you shiver

But soon the reality sinks in
You no longer have to hold it in
You allow it to take you along
trying to conjure up a song

A shred of memory to hold on to
A time to remember and feel to.

Why a Lie

I do not know why people lie
Doing things on the sly
you ask them why
and they always deny

You can fool someone all the time
You can fool everyone some of the time
You cannot fool everyone every time

What is the need for this hoax
its the fire that warms you,
not the smoke
it may be a bitter medicine to take
its still better than to fake