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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Unforseen

I question to me
to be or not to be
the path forward is dark
no symbol, sign or mark

to guide a soul ahead
a soul full of dread
an explorer in its own right
moving ahead without a sight
a dense fog ensconcing around
you feel stifled and bound

you cling on to something familiar
feeling bravado and chevalier
you feel the warm succour slipping away
drawn away into the mist, deep and fey

you gather your wits
with a heart of fire and grit
you trudge a path along
singing a nostalgic song

your mind a bevy of thoughts
all memories a life has wrought
you put one foot in front of the other
you think of failure and shudder

you stumble and fall
to rise again,humble and tall
you scream, shout and abuse
in vain, of no use.

yet at heart you bear a torch
it burns and it scorch
a yang inside a enormous yin
a cleanser of sorrow, grief and sin.

it is what keeps you going,
upright, steady and without slowing
filled with wisdom, courage and hope
a giver of spirit and power to cope

atlast, finally, the fog lifted
it whittled down and drifted
a smile creeps upon your face
you will forever remember having been
successful in traveling the ...unforseen.

First Rain

the parched lands
the praying hands
the pleading voice
for the thundering noise

The first rain.

the rumbling clouds
crying aloud
"I bring you rain
to ease your pain"

the first rain.

the thirsty crops
the tumbling drops
the gurgling drains
the pattering frames

the first rain.

the earthy smell
how it lingers and dwells
the re-freshed flora
the rejoicing fauna

the first rain.

on the street
the flowing fleet
the splashing sounds
with joys abound

the first rain.

the swishing wind
the tinkling chimes
the first flower
in a long time..

the first rain.