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Friday, January 7, 2011

Whats the Mean(ing)

This post is dedicated to all the stories , articles and mythologies tales that revolve around the idea of "You cannot have both Money and Happiness"

Since ancient times, many tales have explored the idea that Money and Happiness are two separate beings. One cannot exist near the other. If one person has a lot of money, you can be sure he/she will not be as happy as the person who is less bestowed than him/her.

In Hindu mythology, we have a tale, that the Goddess Lakshmi(God of wealth) was always fighting with the Goddess Saraswathi(Goddess of Knowledge). Each one claimed herself to be more important that the other(In this respect, Goddess or not, it is the same[:)]).

But lets take an objective look in this highly materialistic world?

A person who has wealth, doesn't need to be educated. We have innumerable examples of such people. Once a person has wealth or has found a perennial source for it, one would think that they would be the happiest person ever. But in real life it is not so. And the reason being Greed. The parasite that feeds on itself. Makes people want more.

One is termed as having everything if he/she has money. But there are several cases where this is not true. Infact, i havent seen any person who is wealthy and says "Thats enough for me. I do not want more".

How much "Means" is Meaningful? What is excess? What is sufficient?

Likewise, the opposite exists as well. Its a common vision that when you think of a professor, you always associate low income, high knowledge and little satisfaction with him/her. Why? Because we were raised up listening to stories of poor people who were unhappy and craved money? Because we believe in the mythological tales?
NO. I believe its because of what we see. A person who is bent on gaining knowledge regards money as just a means of survival. His/her mind is working on a different plane and to them, money is a frivolous creation of this world. Not worthy of pursuit.

How many of us know a knowledgeable person who is rich? Even if we do, its count would always be less that the number of people we know, who without education have more money.

Why is it that people are never able to find a balance? Why cannot we be aiming for a balance of the two.

Sufficient means and knowledge enough to live a meaningful life?
I believe that is the combo we need to be heading for.
Otherwise...What the Mean(ing) of it?