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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Days Gone By

While watching a child on the train
giggling and laughing at the pouring rain
hearing a lazy yawn and a shrieking cry
I wondered... How the days have gone by

From splashing in a rain made slush
to watching it fall from an office plush
From leisure dinners to a quick burger and fries
I wondered.... How the days have gone by

From getting dirty playing all day long
to doning ironed clothes, whistling a song
from untied shoelaces to suiting up a tie
I wondered.... how the days have gone by

The merry laughter and the innocent glee
that came from licking an ice slushee
to having a martini neat and dry
I wondered... how the days have gone by

We vowed to grow up one day
and for that we prayed and prayed
and that we are all adults now
We wonder... where those days have gone and how