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Sunday, October 6, 2013


With a heavy heart and a deep sigh
there comes a time to say goodbye
To people whom you hold dear
To people whom you held near

Times you shall always cherish
Memories that shall not perish
Times when you fought like mad
Fun and laughter together had

How time flies and days go by
With a heavy heart and a deep sigh
there comes a time to say goodbye

Thursday, August 15, 2013

We Live In A Square World

We live in a square world
With walls made of glass
The ceiling opens to a dreamworld
While the floor is adorned with teargas

The sun doesn't shine at once all over
And so you may find shadows and covers
On one side there are blooming buds
While in the other, men drenched in their own blood

We take pride in a liberated , independent state
And celebrate it every year, with pomp and joy
While for others , it is their sorry fate
to cower, crawl and cry as the state destroys

On one side, we hear shouts of ecstasy
filled with happiness and merry laughter
While on the other, there are screams of
death, destruction and mass slaughter

While the erudite world ponders and pry
debating the wherefores and the whys
the men are bled dry, departing
without as much as a good bye

But a time always comes to take a stand
To fight for one's rights and one's land
To break the glass walls and touch your dreams
To bring a poignant end to the chilling screams

To build a better world
More truer than the last
To move forward in future
forgetting the red past.

It is in times like these,
with a grey and gloomy sky
that all men become equal
Everyone seeing eye to eye

To destroy this new evil
raising its ugly head
With a hammer and an anvil
to stop this bloodshed

Let us make our world
A place of joy and sunshine
Where one flag is unfurled
With our United Sign.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Conundrum of Life

On this long winding road of life
Meandering down the way
You meet your fellow travelers
walking together or astray

Some of them smile at you
while others shoo you away
some of them break bread with you
while others curse or pray

You sit down on the nearby grass
Taking a pause to observe
The humdrum caravan of spirits
some downcast and some with verve

You attempt to figure and find
the reason for this difference
On the same road of life
why this varying essence

While you ponder and you pry
the meaning of this case
you attempt to also try
to find your own place

At last you come up with a thought
that seems to solve this riddle
you feel happy with yourself
to have unraveled this conundrum

You argue that the road is same
But with several detours on the way
The smile or the frown came
based on which way you sway

On those detours you may get
hard rock or soft sand
land parched dry or wet
foes or a helping hand

these strips of tumultuous times
alter the way you proceed
The curve of your smiles
Increases or recedes

And so it happens that you decide
the reason for being mystified
is that the journey one makes is unique
life is more than the end you seek

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Global Citizen

Ask me not my nation
Nor the tongue I speak
Judge me by my action
Judge me by what I seek

Share with me your ideals
Your desire and your quest
For that is what will reveal
Your passion and your conquest

Learn from the wise
As well as from the fools
So that you rise
Above the worlds rules

Keep nurturing the seed of change
Help it take roots and grow
So that one day we see
An end to the world's woes

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Conjuring up a song

You build a dam of smiles
to stop a river of tears

You build a heart of steel
To stay the warm interiors

You hold back your feelings
Or deny them outright
You pray for some healing
For God to see your plight

Trying not to break apart
that one special heart
The one that you admired
and have always desired

But soon the dam starts to crack
The river trying to open the track
A path it wished to take
A way it wished to make

And one day the dam gives way
The rives gushes and sways
Ravaging everything down river
You feel it and you shiver

But soon the reality sinks in
You no longer have to hold it in
You allow it to take you along
trying to conjure up a song

A shred of memory to hold on to
A time to remember and feel to.

Why a Lie

I do not know why people lie
Doing things on the sly
you ask them why
and they always deny

You can fool someone all the time
You can fool everyone some of the time
You cannot fool everyone every time

What is the need for this hoax
its the fire that warms you,
not the smoke
it may be a bitter medicine to take
its still better than to fake

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Competent Communicator :)

Its the end of a journey that started 2 yrs ago, on a whimsical idea to pit myself into the public speaking arena and see if I can stand the scrutiny.

Today, instead of being in an arena, it feels like a forge. A forge which strengthened you, moulds you, refines you, defines you.

On this journey I have made many new friends and shared numerous experiences that I would cherish for a long time.

Here is a toast to myself :) Even the best of us deserve a pat on the back once in a while.