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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Conundrum of Life

On this long winding road of life
Meandering down the way
You meet your fellow travelers
walking together or astray

Some of them smile at you
while others shoo you away
some of them break bread with you
while others curse or pray

You sit down on the nearby grass
Taking a pause to observe
The humdrum caravan of spirits
some downcast and some with verve

You attempt to figure and find
the reason for this difference
On the same road of life
why this varying essence

While you ponder and you pry
the meaning of this case
you attempt to also try
to find your own place

At last you come up with a thought
that seems to solve this riddle
you feel happy with yourself
to have unraveled this conundrum

You argue that the road is same
But with several detours on the way
The smile or the frown came
based on which way you sway

On those detours you may get
hard rock or soft sand
land parched dry or wet
foes or a helping hand

these strips of tumultuous times
alter the way you proceed
The curve of your smiles
Increases or recedes

And so it happens that you decide
the reason for being mystified
is that the journey one makes is unique
life is more than the end you seek

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