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Sunday, January 10, 2010

What it is to be Sick

I have been very sick for the past 8 days. ( Missed a week of college and 4 French classes and a French exam too :( )
I was bed-ridden for the good part of those 8 days and got really bored. So what did I do?

1)Read 2 books which I had brought ages ago and haven't had the time to read(nowadays am more on the net than otherwise). They didn't turn out to be that good a read but hey, when you have 14 hrs of nothing else to do, even the remotest possibility of enjoyment seems good enough.

2) I slept, slept and slept some more. The doc advised complete bed rest and so I made full use of that. You don't pass the chance to get some sleep EVER. And now that I am in final year engineering and would start working soon..I figured I might as well enjoy as much as I can before the drag life begins again ( You know... NO summer holidays for employees :( sniff sniff )

3) Saw a lot of TV. Once I started to get better, I didn't want to come on-line much but wanted to see lots of movies on TV. I either watch movies or discovery channel on it. But right now I have this craze of seeing loads of movies on it. Man.. I missed so much[:(]

4) Forgot about my mobile. Normally I keep it close to me. I am not a mob junky but I like to reply to msgs when they come. But when I was sick and for a good part after I recovered, I didn't really bother with my mobile. It was a big relief and I felt good that I didn't have it with me all the time. Well.. thats a revelation.. I thought I would miss it. But i didn't... hmm weird.

5) Spend time with family. Normally, I am holed up in my room on the computer chatting, working, surfing, playing etc. Me and my family never get around to playing cards now as much as we used to. But during my sickness we used to play cards too :) Much fun. I actually managed to win 500 bucks in the deal too. lol.

My nose is still running and my ears are still blocked so can't hear very well. I blow my ears as much as I can and get giddy all the time.. lol. Take meds, take more meds, take home therapy meds, etc... my body is full of chemicals , well... more than it is normally.

Not one of my friends msged me and asked " Whats up y didnt u come to college" or "hey how are you". Quite sad.. but whatever, I am used to it by now.

All in all it was a long sickness, I missed a lot of my regular life and need to catch up with the world out large that didn't wait for me.So till laterz....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Devil's Banker-Christopher Reich

So I have been a victim of a virus( not the computer one. A real one) for the last 5 days and have been bed-ridden most of the time.(Still am btw) So what did I do?
I took up one of the 4 books I had purchased long ago and started reading it. It was this book called "The Devil's Banker" by a guy named Christopher Reich. I have never heard of this guy before. I just brought his book because it was on sale and I liked the title.

It turned out to be a decent book. Its not a page turner, hard-to-keep-down kinda book. But neither is it a book that you will get bored reading mid-way through. It deals with the familiar concept of terrorists attack and a group of people running against time to discover the plot and the place for the attack.

But this one is a bit different in some cases. It puts more emphasis on illustrating the way the terrorists get funded, the scale of their funds and what tricks, tactics and techniques they use to get hold off money. This aspect was one strong point that really made me want to read it.

"Always follow the money. It never lies" was the mantra for the leader of the counter terrorists squad.

All in all it was a ok-ok book. Something I wouldn't mind not having read but now that I have read it , I would try to erase it from my mind.