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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yin Yang

“Shadows in life only proof that there is Light somewhere”.

“An acorn grows into a Mighty Oak, and withers back to produce Acorns”

“Is a wall created to keep secret in? Or thiefs out?”

All these are phenomena that occur in our day to day life. All these are a tribute to Yin and Yang.

As per the popular belief Yin Yang means a balance between good and evil. But in reality, the meaning of yin yang is far more profound. First, let me explain the meaning of the symbol.

As can been seen, the symbol is made of 2 colours, white and black, yin and yang. Naturally, it means two opposite forces, not necessarily good and evil. Also, on careful observation it would appear that one is dominant is some part and less in other. There is a small part of yin in yang, and yang in yin . Finally, they together create a circle, a cycle, an infinite continuation. When one reaches its peak, it changes to the other. It depicts that Change is the only constant in Life.

When we put everything together, what we arrive at is the following conclusion: that life is a balance of 2 opposing forces. If we think of them as good and evil, then we come to a conclusion that life is made up of good and evil, but...there is always some good in an evil force, and always evil in some good force. That is the essence of balance.

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

Its because of this reason that we have many seasons. Every season has its own low and high points. And as all things, every season is transient.
Absence of one of them simple means that its antithesis is dominating.

Just like
“Knowledge is nothing but the absence of Ignorance”

For example let us take the example of fire and water. Both are opposite, but both are necessary for life. We need the warmth of the fire, but it can burn us as well. We need water to survive but it can drown us as well. Good and Evil... together, in harmony.

Another interesting example would be that of the Sun and Moon. Both exist together, but only one dominates at a time. During daytime, darkness is less and light is more, at dusk, the wheel turns and darkness prevails with a small source of light.

Even the food we eat has yin and yang in them. Yin foods are those that keep you cool, yang food are those that give you energy. You can only survive if you have them in harmony, in moderation.

Have any of you wondered why “Fish and Chips” is popular. Why do soft drink companies always have an offer of free chips with them? Soft drinks are highly Yin. Salty items are highly Yang. Your body craves to maintain the natural balance of being. And in the course we make soft drink companies obscenely rich.

Or even a favourite of us all. Curd Rice

A tree can only grow as tall as its roots go deep.

There is freezing space above us, and molten hot lava beneath us. Yet we thrive.

How many of us always take risks, and how many of us always play it safe? How many of us feel happy for others without a touch of jealousy?
Can there be winners without losers?
Can there be valleys without mountains?
Can there be success without failures?
Can there be a truth without lies?

In conclusion,
To appreciate something good, we need to see the bad. To know what is right we need to see the wrong. You cannot appreciate good times, unless you have gone through bad ones.

Yin Yang also tells us, that balance is always changing, and always being created. What would happen if the Sensex always went up rather than Down!!!!

“in every dusk a new dawning
in every cloud a new lining
in every storm a new calming
in every winter a new warming”