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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It Passed Me By

when i was a kid, i used to think
How cool it would be to grow up
To become an adult in a blink

Now that I am adult i always think
How cool it would be retire
To to laze, read, sip and drink

And while I stood thinking,
Life.... it passed me by.

Through tough times and through even more
I used to think, "It shall pass in a wink,
And then the sun shall shine again.
And I shall finally catch a few winks."

While waiting for the sun to shine,
Life... it passed me by.

I fell in love and fell out again
Repeat this story over again
I used to think "I shall wait it out.
The right one shall soon come about."

While waiting for a sign of her,
Life.... it passed me by.

The more I travel, the more I think,
"There is time enough for one more trip.
Before Nature takes her dues,
Mortality claims her ashes too."

While waiting for that last one trip,
Life.... it passed me by.

We search for meaning in and out,
seeking help, wandering about,
to answer the one question we all seek,
"Why do we live, why do we die"

While I stood thinking about it all,
Life.... it passed me by.