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Thursday, August 15, 2013

We Live In A Square World

We live in a square world
With walls made of glass
The ceiling opens to a dreamworld
While the floor is adorned with teargas

The sun doesn't shine at once all over
And so you may find shadows and covers
On one side there are blooming buds
While in the other, men drenched in their own blood

We take pride in a liberated , independent state
And celebrate it every year, with pomp and joy
While for others , it is their sorry fate
to cower, crawl and cry as the state destroys

On one side, we hear shouts of ecstasy
filled with happiness and merry laughter
While on the other, there are screams of
death, destruction and mass slaughter

While the erudite world ponders and pry
debating the wherefores and the whys
the men are bled dry, departing
without as much as a good bye

But a time always comes to take a stand
To fight for one's rights and one's land
To break the glass walls and touch your dreams
To bring a poignant end to the chilling screams

To build a better world
More truer than the last
To move forward in future
forgetting the red past.

It is in times like these,
with a grey and gloomy sky
that all men become equal
Everyone seeing eye to eye

To destroy this new evil
raising its ugly head
With a hammer and an anvil
to stop this bloodshed

Let us make our world
A place of joy and sunshine
Where one flag is unfurled
With our United Sign.

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