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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Virtuality-Where one ends and another begins

So yeah.. hello again. 

And this is my 4th article here. As you have probably guessed the meaning of the title its about our web presence(Virtual + Reality=Virtuality)

I have often wondered what this whole era of Web Presence and social networking sites and online profiles and avatars have done to the sense of oneself. 

Has it made us more open about our feelings, longings, attitude, virtues and changed an introvert to an extrovert?

NOTE: I am not saying all people are like that. Only that such people exists is quite a large number.

A sulking figure having no friends no a figure having 300+ friends on a site?

When I think about it, I dont get the same answer as above but what nags my mind is something more obscure...I feel that....

We like the Anonymity the web provides.

A whole new person. A person that you have made yourself rather than one you are in your real life. Everyone likes to play GOD. We love to create things. Then how can we not but give in to the temptation of creating ourselves as we would have liked ourselves?

Its not a shock to hear that many people have fake profiles of themselves. Writing about themselves as a person they are not in their real life by a long shot.

A person who cant sing would portray himself/herself as a rock star.

A person cant dance to save his/her life will show themselves as a dancer etc..

They do this so live a life they would have liked to live. And the Web gives them the platform to achieve it . This is as close as they would get to their ideal life .

Is this a good thing? or a Bad thing?

I dont really know. I am not here to condemn it or support it. I just got thinking on it and wanted to share it.

One one hand it gives us moments of pleasure to live a life we have created for ourselves

On the other it is a misleading life we are leading.

We always have a tendency to do something that we enjoying doing. Playing games, reading, living....

Which life would we enjoy? One given to us? or one we have tailored for ourselves? definately the custom made one right?

So that means that we spend more and more time living our lives on the net rather than in real life. In many cases we forget who we really are and the life we Really live to the life we Virtually live. And this has caused a lot of problem.

I donot have to prove my point since the same topic was raised many places before here. In newspapers, online forums and all..The fact is that we are more and more dependent on the web. Somuchso that we forget we live in a real world. People often spend as much as 17 hrs on the net. That means living a whole day on it???

Where is this taking us? Already many of us have forgotten the line where we exist as a person and where we exist as an avatar.

So are we all having MPD(multiple personality disorder)???

Where should the line between real and imaginary life should be drawn? 

Where do we exist and where do we cease to exist?

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