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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is Science For Science's sake a good thing?

Well being a Computer Science student I have always wondered if the science that we are creating/exploring/inventing will someday be our downfall that has been so widely publicized in movies and books.

Before I go forward with put this sliver of thought into the pensieve, I would like the readers to go and see these videos and they would help you to relate better with what I have to say.

So now lets classify the technologies into 2 kinds.

One that would help us->Centurions

One that would replace us->Cyborgs/Robots/AI etc

My questions/musings/thoughts on this is that are we able to differentiate the science and technology that we are creating into the above catergory? or are we just mining into the depth of science and then making it a product? 

Are we having a disciplines approach to science or is that science itself is an unknown area?

Assuming you have seen the above videos, which kind of technology would u prefer? the sixth sense kind or the I, Robot kind? 

I am not saying that AI will not have its most certainly will... But how can we be sure that developing such technology would only be used or good or can be controlled?

There are enough unemployed humans on the planet that could be employed in place of computers itself? 

Isnt it like hitting our own foot with an axe we ourselves are holding? We know that the technologies that we are creating could replace humans? then why are we still pursuing them? I know people who are really in AI and computer/machine learning. I ask myself? Whats the use? what would we gain by giving machines power to think? 

Then what would be the difference between a man and a machine? 

The Sixth Sense Technologies and the Surface Technology are the kinds of technologies that we require. They help us make ourselves powerful. They help us become centurions. They in themselves are useless. They require humans to use them.Would you rather have these technologies at ur disposal than have a robot that can think for itself? Whom would u trust?

The very defination of machine is "Something that makes the work of the man easier"

there is no mention of replacing him. Why then are we pursuing the technologies like the one displayed in the Matrix, I Robot, and other movies? 

Has the quest for knowledge blinded us? Have we become so dependent on machine rather than our own facilities that helped us create these machine? I too like them. But only when they help me. Not overshadow me. 

You may retaliate that thats just science fiction I am basing my ideas on.

Assuming you have retaliated like that......

Wasnt computers a science fiction? wasnt space travel a science fiction? wasnt LHC a science fiction? Yet they have come into the real world and are much in hype.

The fact that these ideas have come to the human mind is enough to guarantee that something like this will be developed in the future? 

Would you support these sciences? 

Would you rather rely on your own mental power that created machine? or would you become a slave of your very own creation?

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