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Monday, December 14, 2015

Whole Soul

Flying high, you see a sight
Brilliant sun, shining bright
Though the mist of clouded sky
Robs the orb of its light

And down beneath on flooded plains
Pray the people “no more rains”
Rain your warmth “o Mighty God”
Break the spell of Indra’s rod

And so it happened, the sun’s ray
Seeing, the clouds parted way
Relief came, flooding in hope,
Fortitude and new strength to cope

And all was well in a little while
Tears of joy and unrestrained smile
And men thanked men and men thanked Him
For parting the shadows of days grim

And on went life as it always did
Man only prays in times sordid
And cometh the summer, a bright gold sky
People cursed the mercury “So High!!”

Men comment as men see fit
Human flaw eternally writ
Yourself be always true and whole

One awakened, one with a Soul.

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