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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

KISS Life- Keep It Simple, Stupid

Before reading the post, I would like you to read this Joke:

In this day, where is a time to sit back, relax, reflect, retrospect and enjoy the endangered phenomenon- Solitude.

Why is it that we always equate a good day to be a busy day?
Why do we equate a hectic life to be a good life?

By being busy what are we achieving? What are we trying to prove to ourselves or others? All we are achieving is losing touch with ourselves, losing touch with our friends, having no time for friend, family or foe.

The first thing in the morning you leave home, and get back in the evening, get holed up in your room for studies or for some work, shutting out all connections and preparing for another similar day.

Why don't we KISS life? Why don't we enjoy a simple day, where you do your work, relax, talk with others and go to sleep with nothing but a smile on your face?
Why can't all of us live life such that at the end we can say like Don Corleone(the Godfather) "Life is Good"

For me, Life is just 3 things: Peace, Purpose and Love.
To have a purpose in life is one of the requirements to live. Without purpose you’re just a shell without life in it.
Love: It is a feeling that is strengthened with time, made sweeter with the sweet memories of life and is everlasting.
If you have the above two, i guarantee you that you will have peace with life.

As a child we had a carefree day, we played, laughed, loved and in general life was simple.

As an elder, we sit back, relax, retrospect, love and in general life is simple again.

Then why is it that in the middle of this, we get so off the track and lose our happiness, peace and power to love to something called "A Busy Life"? Why are we always battling with Time? At what stage did we forget the KISS life and started this Busy Life?

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