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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Year That Was- And That Will Be

It has been a bad week for me-Healthwise.
First a not so good Regular Report. Then a tremendously bad dry eye and then the insurmountable task of reducing 3 kg in 2 weeks. With the holiday season on,I dont think its fair to ask that :(

But its been a great week otherwise. Why?
1) Because my Fruit Cake was a big success ( I brought, washed, chopped, cooked and baked the cake all alone)
2) My French carols were great
3) By getting 9.5 gpa :)

On a more serious note and on a more related topic to the title of this Post I want to share my thoughts on the year that was and what might be.

This year has been eventful for me.
Right from people leaving my life, to new people joining in
From breaking old ties and making new ones
From forgetting bad memories to still holding onto cherished ones
Fighting with people to making up
Laughing with friends to crying alone
Understanding a mystery of life to getting stumped by the most mundane questions
From hating college to hating holidays even more
From being as lethargic as a sloth to being as busy as a bee
From week long voyages to weeks holed up to study
From talking to one person for hours to waiting for a call for days

And I could go on and on.

En bref, It has been a good year (relatively)
It was also an year of poems.. and those who know me would know thats not a good thing. It was an year sans CHOCOLATE. I miss it and all things and people related to it very much. It was an year of failed employments opportunities and a year in which you really started thinking for the future.

The Year That Is To Come
I cannot but surmise what the new year would bring. Sorrow, Joy, Sadness, Happiness. Those are all passing things. You cannot have one until you have known the other. What I am really interested in is what events will make those feelings come into my Life.
As detached as I want to be from this materialistic world, It is but a mortal attribute to predict, prophesize, speculate and surmise.
Which company would I join?
Where will I work?
Will I like the work?
Will I go abroad?
Will I reconcile with my old acquaintances?
Will I eat chocolate again?
Would I have learnt how to play violin?
Would I speak good French?

There are so many questions that I would give anything to have answered right now. But as Count of Monte Cristo said "Life is but .... Hope and Wait"

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