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Sunday, May 30, 2010


As you can see from the heading, adding a "Re" to the beginning of another word, has a lot of meaning direct and indirect. I will try to elaborate on those aspects here.

Let me give you a background though.
The idea for this post started when I was having some difficulty with a piece of software. I had (un)installed it several times but the game didn't work. Finally out of frustrations and anger I switched off the laptop and then restarted it. And Voila! the game worked fine now.
This incident make me think... A restart has so much power. And that idea snowballed into something much more inherent.. a restart is always good for us.

A restart( i will use this term to mean all similar terms) is a way to say.."I learned from my mistakes, let me start again with more wisdom" or
"Let me set things right , that I did wrong in the first try" or "Let me do something else and see what happens"

Everyone in their life reaches 2-3 stages when they are too much loaded up. They become slow, tired, and wish for a new lease to life. A restart/rebirth is what is required to forget/leave behind the travesties of the previous stage/try/attempt and to move on with less baggage and more wisdom.

For the believers of Reincarnation, restart applies too. It is the restart of the soul as a new person.

However, a restart inherently is difficult. One simply cannot let go of everything one has worked towards at a whim. It is a difficult decision to make in any scenario. As a gamer I simply hate to be killed and respawned with none of the powerful weapons I had amassed in the last life. Its the same with life. We have too many memories, links, attachments that one would simple hate to see broken.

Some might think "Giving up now and trying again is equivalent to failure. All the work will be a waste.", but in my humble opinion it surely is not so.
A restart doesn't signify failure, it signifies acceptance of that fact that we did something wrong and are willing to make it right again, even if it means starting all over again.

Do we have the courage to add a "Re" to our beginning?

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