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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Peacock

It started with "who are you?"
The talking to a chosen few
Blazing eyes and a jumble of hair
graceful, haughty and very fair

A hard shell with a soft inside
It was difficult for me to decide
was I talking to an angel or a breed rare
to find in this jungle of devil's snare

Over the years I got to know
How she ebbed and how she flowed
when she laughed and when she smiled
Warmth and glee filled inside

Food and wine are her flair
Don't ever call a toffee , an eclair!!
She will kill and dump you in a ditch
the fairy turned to an ugly witch!!

Her highs and her lows
are like fire and snow
Raging across burning it all
Or shaming a snail with her crawl
Its a "Go" from the first call
Or a bear hibernating in fall

Quirky, crazy and has her way
She can swing and dance the night away
But make her cross and you will find
the meaning of pain and a mental mind !!!

That's all I know about her yet
Since the time we have met
Approach her at your own peril
You might meet the Dieu or the Devil !!!

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