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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Child with a Rose

A child on the street corner
dirty, hungry and pale
an object of everyone's stares
cheeks hollow, living bare

he plucks out the roses
torn and frayed
from a public park
and quickly runs away

and runs around in the rain
shriveled and shivering
trying to sell
the symbol of love

and the brave souls
walking in the chilly air
or bunched and hunched up
under their cozy wares

ignore this child
and pass him by
leaving him with
a broken smile

the smile that mends again
seeing another hunched pair
the smiling face,
the extended hand
yet again
the expectations began

at last a man walking by
bought all the roses at a time
the kid didn't even count the fare
ran to the sister and split it fair

his duty done
the day's work
he splashed around
and the rain and mud

the symbol of a carefree soul
still intact, still whole

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