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Friday, April 15, 2016

When Time Stood Still

Sleepy eyed, I looked at the clock
Almost ready to jolt up in shock
Only to find it, poignantly still
I could sleep today to my fill.

Yet deep within the poet spoke
A question within me it awoke
If one moment was all you get
To remember, relive, frame and set

Which one would it be
you always want to see

Would it be the second
you tore out the mail
to find you were in
Harvard, Duke or Yale

Would it be the moment
you looked in her eye
Where time stood still
While the sky passed by

Would it be the time
You woke up sick
to the caress of your mother
with soup, hot and thick

Or the time you ticked a box
scratching away, striking off
The last wish on
your bucket list

Life awaits for us does not
to capture moments in camera shots
Only in our mind we save

Moments in our lives we crave