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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Deep Sigh

We let it all a deep sigh

Good times we had and times we cherished
Thoughts that faded, memories perished
A word, a sound, a place, an eye
Brought it all back, images flashed by

We let it all a deep sigh

Years of pain and fears
Of lonely nights and tears
Of things to come and things that went
Things we hoped for, things we repent

we let it all a deep sigh

Things I can control, things I can't
Feelings I can hold, those I can't
Succumbing to whatever future holds
Paying my obeisance as life unfolds

We let it all a deep sigh

In that deep sigh, we hide a lot
Folding within, thoughts burning hot
Fears rooted deep inside
Hope and wishes to ride the tide

In that normal act of breathing out
You try to flush it all out
Banishing it all into oblivion
Trying to find a new... equilibrium

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