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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sounds of Life

The impatient tapping of the hands
while one waits and stands
The melancholy humming as one awaits
the opening of the theatre gates
Are the sounds of life

The pulsating heart and worn feet
the sweating brow under the harsh heat
the rapid breathing and adrenaline rush
eyes all alert and the cheeks flush
Are the sounds of life

The muffled crying and the tears
the boisterous enjoying and the cheers
the aching pains from stretched muscles
the tingling wounds for childish tussles
Are the sounds of life

The breezy wind at the mountaintop
The fiery bargaining at a Turkish shop
The screeching breaks as a train stops
the loud shattering as a glass drops
Are the sounds of life

there is a difference between living and being alive
all that matters is our own thirst and to strive
to wake up every morning and hear
the awesome sounds of life...

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