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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Cyclops Syndrome

Have you ever heard the story of Cyclops, the one eyed Giant? If not, its a worthy reading and extremely fascinating, not because of the mythological characters but because of the insight it provides to human nature.

It was only recently that I was impinged with this idea of how many of us are like Cyclops, with a single eye right in the middle of our minds/heads which looks at only one thing at a time, like a horse on a race track.

But then had that been the reason of our existence, why do we have 2 of them?
I am well aware that , scientifically, we need 2 of them to make a proper 3D picture, with depth and stuff, but it can also be argued that having 2 of them gives us a broader field of vision than with just one of them.

When we have been endowed with such a broad viewpoint, why do some of us narrow it down so much that even the tip of a pin doesn't fit into the eyesight , people who refuse point blank to even hear the other's vision and those who see nothing as an alternative. Its either black or its black....

Some retort that its called "being focussed" but if you ask a photographer, he would always say that the actually breadth of the landscape is more beautiful than when it taken from the lens of a camera. Being focussed is an activity, not a way of life, which I believe is the point I am trying to make in this post. This "Cyclops Syndrome" affecting many of us. 

Some of us are so focussed, we literally abhor anything that does not fit into that razor-sharp edged focus frame , so its either fully in or fully out, but no dangling in the middle.

But then a man is only as worldly as he knows about the world... not only his own, but of others as well. 
A monocle is a tool, which when used always will only show you the smaller things in life, but never the true bigger picture. In the same way, focus is a tool, meant to achieve certain purposes in life, but that does not mean we eliminate the free flow of ideas and views from our eyesights itself.

I am not sure if I focussed on an idea in this post or not, but then, look at the bigger picture and enjoy it :)

Till later....

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