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Thursday, December 25, 2014


Another year has gone by
Giving as much as it took away
Happiness , sorrow, joy and laughter
Moments to take your breath away

Teaching us the lessons of life
Letting us fall and rise again
Holding us steady in tumbling times
Unleashing our spirits again

Walking through the sandy beach
Picking up the shells by chance
Throwing away a rare find
Ignorant of its true pride

Some fell in love, some out of it
Some made new friends, some broke it off
Like a puzzle with missing pieces
Trying to make it all fit
Making sense of it all

Some started on a new journey
Some returned from a long one
One embarking to onself find
Other returned with wiser mind

With ups and downs the year flew by
making new memories and forgetting some
Putting again a soothing salve
on those wounds of long by

Another year has gone by
Some will cherish while some will sigh
Looking ahead to things new and unseen
Welcoming year 2015.

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