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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Heaven and Hell

I have thoughts I want to tell
let me put it nice and well
life is a path we all need to walk
some just walk and some just talk

but this is not about what is said
but this is about what lies ahead
a meandering path through heaven and hell
in which we all walk for a brief spell

while all paths are not the same
some might take a longer lane
some will go through ice and flame
while some will walk on wider plane

some will meet some fierce monsters
which will need some grit to defeat
while some will enjoy a quite sojourn
drinking water and berries to eat

and then the world turns topsy turvy
the path will turn,sharp and curvy
the unknown shall again arrive
needing some grit to again survive

when heaven turns to hell one cannot tell
on one foot the world is shining bright
the next one brings a scorching blight
while another brings joy and delight

while going through hell, keep going
while going through heaven, keep going
the path does not end in heaven or hell
when it ends.... only time will tell

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