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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Performance Vs Progress

Everyone of us has read the story about the hare and the tortoise and concluded that "Slow and Steady wins the race" 

I read a poster posted outside one of my professor's door and its idea and meaning is what I am essaying to reproduce here.

There are several questions that we can ask in the story.

1) What if the hare hadn't slept? 

            Would he have won the race and we would have a new moral called " Run as fast as you can,don't look back and you will surely win" ?

2) What if the tortoise on seeing the sleeping hare had woken him up and said " hey, we are in a race. how can you be sleeping?" 

           This would still ended in the hare winning the race maybe. But there is a world of a difference in the above 2 ways.

One makes you achieve Performance. The other makes you achieve Progress. 

In the current world, the hectic life that we are all subject to is nothing but the fruition of our being focused on performance rather than progress. In performance, you alone move forward leaving others behind. Therefore you can run faster and go a longer way. But then what? you wait for others to catch up?or you again start running even further ahead? 

Does performance really matter in the world? I have heard a lot of people saying "Dont stop running else the tide will overtake you". But how long do you run? Forever? You live your life       "on the run" metaphorically?I ask you a simple question.....

With whom would you enjoy your performance if you consider everyone else a competition?


What would you say if the hare takes the tortoise on his back and both finish ?

Progress is moving forward as a whole team/group/society or even nation as a whole. Where we involve others in our working and strive together to achieve the cliched "Tryst with Destiny". Where one complements the other and pulls everyone else along so that the progress may be slow , but is much more sweet, steady and in general, a progress in the real sense. You may perform all your life, but can you call that progress?

What is the use of a society which doesn't progress?

"That which doesn't change, doesn't grow. That which doesn't grow, dies"

Thus, I would like to wind up by saying that, do perform, but don't forget to progress also.

Adieu. hasta luego. 

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