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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Real You

This article may seem like crap to some and some might just curse me for wasting their time. But anyway here it is...

One day someone asked me: " Tell me who you really are". And what was I supposed to say?

Before you read this article I would like if you would read this one first:

And then......

Philosophers say :"Each person is unique"         

Science says:" All person are 99% same and 1% different".

But take a look at the following pics and then truthfully answer me: Are you one person? Can you honestly say you behave the same way all the time with everyone?

In the short span of my life ( am 21 FYI)... I have met many people but if you ask me how many people I have met I would say "Uncountable" . 

Why? Because each person is a melange of many faces and personalities , all hidden one behind the other or which surfaces at different time in different places. No I'm not talking about Multiple Personality Disorder(MPD) but about how the same people behave differently at different times.

Consider my own example..

Previously, I used to behave differently in college and at home. I was extrovert at times and introvert at times. Why you may ask? The answer is somewhat the one written in the blog mentioned above... that is :

We try to be what others want us to be.

We wear a mask ,a false face, a substitute face over our real self so that we may "fit in" with the other people around us. 

We wear faces and change faces just like an actor in a play where there are a lot of roles but fewer actors. He has to juggle a lot of personalities and faces simultaneous taking care never to switch one for the other.

We for the most part are all such actors in life. We wear a smiling face with one person, a loving with another, a hateful with third, a pitiful with fourth, an angry with 5th, an aloof one with 6th, a stranger with a 7th and the list goes on.

Why cannot we be ourselves? But then "Who are we really?"

Acting as we have for a long time, we forget who we really are. We create the strings of parallel lives within ourselves and then we get entangles in them ourselves. Like a quagmire you yourself created and then got stuck in it yourself. And most of the time we cannot get ourselves out of it all.

Most of the time, the cause for such faces is not oneself but the people with whom one associates himself. By taking note of what people say about a person, the person starts to believe in it himself. Something like "if you call a donkey a goat 1000 times he will believe he is a goat". Tell a person a 1000 times " this is the truth. It should be like this" and he will throw away his ideas and accept that as the truth.

I have met people whom I think are good at heart, but was surprised to see the dark side of theirs when the situation arose. I want to say I have made many friends but truth be  told I have simply made a lot of "acquaintance" ... why? you may ask....

because when you say " He/she is my friend" you mean that you understand the person for who he/she really is. The best example of friendship I can give you is of the series called F.R.I.E.N.D.S on star world

But what I have experienced is nothing but bits and pieces of faces and personalities people keep in front while hiding behind the mask. It has given me some rude shocks and some of my friends have had a similar experience with me too.

The point I am trying to make is... People see us as one. Then why is it that we have so many faces?

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